Work, as we know it, is dead.

Freelancers are​​​​ the Future of Work

Talents are finding it increasingly difficult to find their place in traditional companies, which explains the exponential growth of entrepreneurship and freelancing, which are always looking for more meaning and agility. The big corporations understood it; remains to build together the solution to facilitate the daily life of freelancers and big corporations.

​​​​Best place for freelancers to work

   The uniqueness of YOSS is linking freelancers and the most valuable companies. And that's great news because they are not the easiest to get in touch with!

Big companies + Freelancers = <3

Soft & Hard skills

Work becomes a field of personal fulfillment. We no longer manage tasks but projects with potential, ambition and skills. YOSS puts human fit and know-how at the center of its matching system.

Hurrah for the softs skills !

 Support Services & Love, always

This is essential: we care so much for our freelancers! No more difficulties creating your quotes, getting a loan, getting to know each other ... YOSS is the personal assistant of freelances, in every circumstances.

Freelance, we love you.

Don't miss our launch. Our platform goes live on 14.11.17 !